Crocus, Crocus Song and My Garden Finger Play

Greetings! Ms. Bessie recorded this Spring-themed song and finger play for caregivers to use and enjoy at home with young children. Songs and finger plays, an integral aspect of Waldorf early childhood education, support langauge development and our daily and seasonal rhythms at Sow Well Tots. Recorded at Sow Well Tots early childhood program in Bernardston, MA.

Crocus, Crocus Waken Up

Crocus, Crocus waken up, to catch a sunbeam in your cup.

Hold it close, let it go.

Lay la lay la lay la lo,

Lay la lay la lay la lo

Garden Finger Play

This is my garden

I rake it with care

Then, some flower seeds, I will plant in there

The sun will shine, the rain will fall

Then my garden will blossom and grow, straight and tall.

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